Jennifer’s new album Set Me Free comes out on October 14. Stay tuned for details on how to pre-order!

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“Remedy” Music Video

When I was in Florida for the Safety Harbor Singer-Songwriter Festival, I had the chance to film this music video for “Remedy” with the folks from Pilot Moon Films. You can hear the studio version of “Remedy” on my new album Set Me Free coming October 2014. Enjoy!

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Inside Out Faith

Inside Out Faith is Jennifer’s advocacy foundation for LGBT people of faith. An IOF event involves storytelling, music and audience interaction. Bookings now open for 2014 & 2015.

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Available to purchase right here on Jennifer’s website – CD’s, T-Shirts and more Jennifer Knapp merchandise items!  3CD Back Catalog Package Now ON SALE!  

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Today is National Coming Out Day. A day that I find myself reflecting on the last year and a half of living as an “out” public figure. Far away from the public eye, I long contemplated the importance or significance of this fact being available for public knowledge. People accused, asked, wondered and hoped for a long time whether or not I would ever answer the question: Are you gay? I seriously considered the idea that it really isn’t anyone’s [...]

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One of the most common questions that I get out on the road is how exactly one goes about turning the hobby of music into a full-time career. My answer usually sounds something like this: Do music: Listen. Create. Play. Share it now, worry about selling it later.  (Seems like a better answer than: uh, I dunno?) If I had never fallen in love with ‘doing’ music even when no one was listening, I’m fairly certain I wouldn’t be playing [...]

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The cynicism that surfaces in conversations of Christianity are not merely for the secular observer, but a fact that is also often experienced by those who sit in the pews. For my nearly twenty years in being in and around conversations of faith, I can tell you first hand, that it is easy to assume that Christianity is an exercise of separation rather than one of integration and expansion. There are points along the continuum of faith practice that incorporate  these [...]

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So, on my birthday I head to the Great Outdoors.  As is all too common, I had an encounter with a wild animal. Whilst sitting lakeside, sunning myself on some larger rocks, I discovered I was not the only one enjoying the weather. I heard a faint rustle from underneath a large bolder, looked over and thought I saw the face of a rat. I let out a squeal, not unlike The Dude when the marmot was thrown into his [...]

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