Jennifer’s New Album

I would like to invite you to come along for the ride of making my new album! I have partnered with PledgeMusic in order to bring this project to life. – Jennifer Knapp

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For your listening pleasure click here to stream Jennifer’s latest album “LETTING GO” featuring: Dive In, Want For Nothing, Fallen and more. Purchase the MP3 download or the physical CD.

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Inside Out Faith

An Inside Out Faith event involves storytelling, music and audience interaction. As an advocate for LGBT faith issues, Jennifer will tour this integrated music and lecture series in the Spring of 2014.

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Ok music lovers, art fans and all-around supporters of creativity, times are changing as I’m certain you’ve noticed. Thanks to the web, you can keep up with your favorite artists, their passions, their inspirations and projects as they happen. You can customize your information flow to the odd concert announcement or you can hang on every word…literally EVERY word! But there’s another shift in interaction that has become invaluable and that’s the transition from “fan” to “supporter” of the arts. [...]

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Available to purchase right here on Jennifer’s website – CD’s, T-Shirts and more Jennifer Knapp merchandise items!  3CD Back Catalog Package Now ON SALE!  

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Today is National Coming Out Day. A day that I find myself reflecting on the last year and a half of living as an “out” public figure. Far away from the public eye, I long contemplated the importance or significance of this fact being available for public knowledge. People accused, asked, wondered and hoped for a long time whether or not I would ever answer the question: Are you gay? I seriously considered the idea that it really isn’t anyone’s [...]

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