Inside Out Faith

Inside Out Faith with Jennifer Knapp

Highly recognized as a premier artist in the Christian Contemporary Music genre, Jennifer Knapp chose to confront long-held speculation with a very public “coming out” in 2010. From interviews with CNN, The Advocate & Christianity Today, to countless Internet blogs and a featured appearance on Larry King Live, the main question on everybody’s lips was: “Can you be Gay and Christian?”

Under heavy scrutiny, Jennifer has unashamedly claimed her faith and her sexual orientation with astonishing straightforwardness and honesty. Her candor and compassion have led to overwhelming appeals for her to engage the challenging issue of LGBT inclusion and affirmation in religious communities. In an effort to continue to create a positive and constructive dialogue on behalf of LGBT people of faith Jennifer is now presenting Inside Out Faith. Having experienced, first hand, the devastating effects of rejection and judgment, Jennifer knows full well the challenges of being “out” in certain faith communities. However, it is in the sharing of her journey through story, music and conversation that she has discovered the healing that comes from breaking the silence.

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