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You’d think after years of writing music and recording it that this stuff would get old, but NO WAY! Every new song, every new record is an adventure that teaches me just a little more about life, my craft, and the people who show up when you start to sing. I’ve never been more humbled or amazed.

Today’s release of Set Me Free is particularly special in that it has taken so much support to get here. Not just the PledgeMusic campaign where so many helped fund this album, but more importantly, the generosity of spirit you have all so freely given. It’s kept me plugging in on days when I doubted. Your overwhelming support at shows, through social media, and the encouragement you’ve given to me directly… it always seems such a little token just saying “Thanks.”

Well, thank you.

Will all my heart, I hope you enjoy Set Me Free for years to come.

Yours, Jennifer

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Set Me Free
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